Things to do in Dubrovnik Croatia

Located in Croatia, Dubrovnik is popularly called Pearl of Adriatic and known to be a beautiful city having friendly and gentle people. It is a place full of excellent and serene atmosphere that you’ll always want to be.

It’s over 15 years when the city wall was bombed counting the various loss of life, and now, the entire city has been reconstructed, and Dubrovnik is now a place everyone wants to be.


To do in Dubrovnik Croatia

It was founded in the vii century although Dubrovnik was proposed during the Byzantine Imperium.  Later in 1204, it was recorded that the Venice Republic dominated Dubrovnik receiving the economic and cultural influences. Hungarian dominated it after Venice Republic domination which ended in 1358, and it was followed by Ottoman and later by Austrian in 1815.

Dubrovnik city became part of the kingdom of Yugoslavia and one of the socialist in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia during the first part of 20th century. It is made of six different socialist republics under the control of Tito who ended up reconciling the different ethnic groups during his time.

After the death of Tito, Yugoslavia started a war and ended in the year 1999. Old town which was damaged during the war was repaired through the help of UNESCO instructions. The city was repaired, and the original beauty of the city was repaired and maintained.


There is a popular city in Dubrovnik called Old city. It is beautiful and spectacular with about 22 meters tall and 2 kilometers long. There are so many episodes recorded in this old city, and one of them is the Game of Thrones.

Dubrovnik has one of the most beautiful Beach called Banje, which is near to the well-known old city. It has a cute, small and rock beach divided into public section and private sections. You can try different activities like kayak, Jet Ski rental. It is impossible for anyone to get bored. The water is blue, gorgeous and crystal clear.

Lokrum is the usual green island that we can see when looking for Croatian island. You can get there by boat from Dubrovnik. Lokrum has a large diversity of flora and beautiful beaches but an interesting fact is the number of peacock and cute rabbits on the island.

The nightlife in Dubrovnik is also exciting. You can see many bars, restaurants as well as a warm and romantic atmosphere. It is a place full of fun where you can try black seafood risotto in a gorgeous square where families and couples meet to enjoy themselves. You can enjoy Dubrovnik ice cream while discovering the stratum.


When talking about beaches in Dubrovnik, there are different beaches you can enjoy. Croatia beaches are known to be the main attraction for tourists. When talking about beaches in Croatia, they remain the best in Mediterranean.

Croatia has one of the best beaches in the world, and it’s known with a lot of pleasant places suitable for your tour, trip, and holidays for your families and loved ones.

Beaches found in Croatia has everything a beach enthusiast would ever need. It is the cleanest most beautiful type of water you can find anywhere in the world. Throughout the coast of Croatia, there are wonderful coves and beaches that will leave you a great feeling of enactment.

Do you wish to spend your holidays lying down on the sand or want to make have the best swimming experience? If so, heading out to Croatia beaches which is the best in the entire world is one of the best decision you can take.

There are sandy beaches, pebbly beaches, nudist beaches and rocky beaches in Croatia. You’ll surely find whatever kind of beach you are looking for in Croatia.

Brela beach is the best of all Croatia beaches. It is considered to be the best beach in the entire Europe. Brela beach is located along makarska coast and has about 6 km of gravel-like sand which leads to the crystal water of Mediterranean. It has a lot of romantic hideaways suitable for couples on their honeymoon.

Paradise Beach is a popular beach known by tourists, and it is located in Lopar. It is a good beach suitable for beginners and young swimmers with its shallow bay.

Lubenice beach is a great beach to go swimming located on Cres island. Another popular name of lubenice beach is Sveti Ivan beach, and it is listed among the best hidden and romantic beaches in the world.

If you are interested in windsurfing, do not hesitate to be in Zlatni rat beach as it is known to be one of the best Croatia beaches for haven windsurfers. It is known to be a beautiful pebbly beach having a cape which changes according to the waves and the wind. This is a unique opportunity for tourist to swim and gave a great sunbathe.

Trѕtеnik Beach is a beach good for tourists who love diving. Trѕtеnik Beach is located on Peljesac peninsula and well known for its unique diving center which allows tourists to have a great experience a wonderful Croatia stunning underwater wildlife and relatively tranquil cove.

Croatia beaches are great places to have a stunning experience of your holiday. Croatia beaches are known to be a beach goer’s paradise for all tourists with its alluring coves and beautiful waters.


Istria beaches have a lot of unique experience and pleasures to offer everyone looking for a fantastic beach to relax. If you luckily visit this great places, then you can visit any of the following wonderful beaches in Istria that will leave you with a stunning and alluring experience.


Medulin sandy beach is a perfect beach for everyone especially those who have lovely kids. It’s a place full of fun and wonderful experience that your child will love to have. If you want to have a little bit of fun when paddling, it’s a good place safe for swimming and paddling. Medulin is located about 8 kilometers from Pula. Those fortunate enough to have their vessels can easily travel to islands by water taxi


It’s usually known to be a small tourist town located on the south eastern coast of Istria. It has a white pebble beach’s which perfectly shines in the sun. Rabac is known as the popular destination for families to enjoy their holiday beach together with their loved ones. The town comes alive in the summer months with a different fun carnivals, regattas, and a summer festival.


Porec is popularly known to be a perfect destination to find the beach of your favorite seaside sporting activities. With рriѕtinе bays and beaches, and accommodation congregating around the blue and green lagoons, Porec has a lot of activities a tourist would like to enjoy in a beach. Porec has lovely and bustling beaches, and it’s a plate for historic buildings. If you are tired of swimming, beach volleyball, and wind surfing, then going to Porec would be a very good decision you can take and it has a lot of fun reserved for your entertainment.


Umag is a great place to experience a strange mix of old and new, natural and manicured experience. There are several and fascinating old town buildings around horseshoe shaped bay during the Roman time. It is a home for different modern beach resorts. Some of the examples of such modern beaches are Sol Polynesia Umag and Kanegra Umag.

Their resorts are so close to the historic town located in Umag and are surrounded by lovely sport coastlines and lush Mediterranean vegetation suitable for a perfect recreational and relaxation.


You can see different bays and beaches located along Vrsar which are usually found between Rovinj and Porec. In the ancient days, Vrѕаr is known to be a village popularly known for its fishing activities, and now, Vrѕаr is now a must place for every tourist to go. Vrѕаr has some resorts and different facilities, and accommodation prepared for tourists visiting Vrѕаr. There are many beaches you can choose around Vrsar. The best are Valkanela, Vrsar, and Kоvеrѕаdа. The unspoiled islands off shore are perfect for a quiet getaway.

You do not have to neglect beaches of Croatia close to central Europe and western, as they have great beaches and a lot to offer for you to enjoy and have fun with your families.

Some families may be busy in summer, but heading offshore or to a secluded bays around the coast will allow you to escape the crowds.

Do not underestimate the experience, fun, and excitements loaded in Dubrovnik Croatia and there are various beaches where you can enjoy the best tour with your family. Giving your families a fresh experience is a great way of educating your loved ones. You will experience great places in Dubrovnik, Croatia coupled with ancient buildings.