Pazin legends
Pazin legends

How the Cave of Pazin was made

Once upon a time, when giants and men lived together in Istria, there were vast lakes and swamps in the north of Istria. The south had no stream or well, so the men asked giant Ban Dragonja to help them soak the soil. Dragonja yoked enormous oxen and plowed from the lake to the sea. When he brought water from the sea through the first furrow, the river Dragonja was made and the giant named it after him. The next day, he plowed the second furrow, thus creating a new river named after his wife Mirna. When he reached the city walls of the Castle of Pazin plowing the third furrow, the wife of the captain of Pazin started to tease him from her window. She teased him about plowing shallowly and about his furrow not being straight. Ban Dragonja was very offended and drove the oxen back. Water gushed down the unfinished furrow, starting to flood the Pazin basin. Inhabitants of Pazin started crying for help and begging Dragonja to save them from peril. Ban Dragonja had mercy on them, so he stomped the ground right under the rock with the Castle. With a horrible roar, the earth shook and his fierce blow opened up a huge cave and swallowed all the water. This is the story of the creation of the little river Pazinčica that was made instead of the third river. Its waters still disappear without a trace in the rocky Cave of Pazin.

Legend of the shepherd of Raša

poor shepherd from Raša served the master of the Castle of Pazin. While he was tending sheep on a pasture above the Cave of Pazin, a sheep fell into the abyss at a moment of inattention. He did not tell anybody about what had happened. However, when he paid a visit to his family, his father showed him the dead sheep washed ashore by the water at Saint Anthony’s spring in the valley of the River Raša. The shepherd recognized the sheep from his herd, and when he returned to Pazin, he would occasionally throw a sheep in the abyss thus maintaining his family. Unfortunately, one day, instead of the sheep, the father found his dead son at the spring: the master uncovered him and threw him into the abyss.