Abyss of Pazin

The Cave of Pazin is the most picturesque example of natural forces at work on the karst Istrian terrain. Under the walls of a thousand year old Pazin Castle, right on the border of the «grey» and «red» Istria, the biggest Istrian stream Pazinčica makes its flow through the underground all the way to the valley of the river Raša .Perhaps it continues its flow even to reach the gulf of Lim, as once wrote the famous novelist Jules Verne in his «Matijaš Sandorf». Such remarkable scenery has inspired many other writers (Nazor, Dante, Yriarte…), so You definitely won't be let uninspired.

The Pazin Abyss is legally protected as significant landscape. The protected area comprises the canyon and the abyss of the Pazinčica, about 500 metres long and about 100 metres deep, and the Pazin Cave.

Muzej Grada Pazina, Trg Istarskog razvoda 1
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Turistička zajednica Grada Pazina, Franine i Jurine 14
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Speleološko društvo «Istra», p.p, 93, J. Dobrile b.b., Pazin
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Javna ustanova Natura Histrica, Rovinj, Obala A. Rismondo 2
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